Signs that someone is struggling with anxiety disorder

When we feel anxious, it is a normal human emotion that is associated with some happenings in our lives. For instance, if you are given an arduous task to perform and submit within a short time, there is a good chance that you will feel anxious.

Sometimes, this feeling of anxiety can be advantageous because it helps us stay on our toes. Other times, it can be the reason why you would be more observant so that you don’t fall into danger.

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When anxiety disorder is in the picture, it transcends the normal symptoms of anxiety that you may feel on a good day.

Here are some of the signs that someone has an anxiety disorder

Inability to function

One of the ways to know that a person is battling with an anxiety disorder is when they find it hard to function as they use to.

Such people might not be able to meet work-related deadlines, or their performance at school might not be up to par. This is because their mind is not at rest, and they may find it hard to concentrate properly on what they are doing.

Trouble having enough sleep

Another way to know when an anxiety disorder is at play is when you find it hard to sleep. Your mind could be fixated on many things at once, and you will find it hard to concentrate. When this happens to you regularly, then it might be an anxiety disorder.

Sense of looming danger

People with anxiety disorder usually feel that something bad is about to happen to them. This is why they find it hard to be at rest because they think that they will hear a piece of unpleasant news or a disfavorable event is going to happen to them.

Other signs of anxiety disorder may include sweating, trembling, feeling tired and weak, inability to stop worrying, etc. When you notice that some of these signs are recurrent, it is best to seek help from a mental health therapist.

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