Treatment for Depressed Individuals

Can depression be treated? Of course, it can. Depressed individuals can undergo treatment and completely overcome the condition with time.

Here are 5 treatment options available for depressed persons:

  • Medications

Depressed individuals can be treated with medications as prescribed by one’s healthcare provider. These meds are particularly to deal with the pain, anxiety, worries, and all other things that may be contributing to the depressive state.

They may include antidepressants and antipsychotic medications, but most importantly is that they are medically recommended for use.

  • Psychotherapy

Therapy sessions are another treatment option for persons going through major depressive disorder. Therapists can help identify and provide solutions to the root cause of the depressive state. They can also help depressed individuals develop new habits, skills, and thought processes to overcome depression.

  • Alternative therapies

Asides from psychotherapy, there are other effective therapies for treating depression. One of such is light therapy, in which the depressed individual is exposed to doses of white light which relieves them of depressive signs. Acupuncture, meditation, and the use of herbal supplements are other alternative therapies for treating depression.

  • Exercise

Engaging in exercises for at least 30 minutes every 3 to 5 days can help a person overcome the feeling of depression.

By exercising regularly, your body produces more endorphins, which is a mood-lifting hormone that drives away gloomy or despairing thoughts. Carrying out physical activity in the form of exercise is a free and productive treatment, for depression.

  • Avoid alcohol and drugs

Depressed individuals resort to alcohol and drugs to help solve their problems, but they do just the opposite; they compound it. A simple but effective treatment for depression is to avoid alcohol and drugs and to face the problem head-on, instead of trying to forget it.

Depending on the nature and cause of depression, one may have to receive a particular treatment or combine two or more to achieve results. However, before any step is taken, it is important to consult a healthcare provider.

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