5 Signs that an individual is depressed

Depression has been recognized as one of the top diseases ravaging the world across all age groups and genders. If you have ever wondered how you can recognize someone suffering from depression, here are some signs to watch out for:

1. Loss of Interest and Energy

An individual who is going through depression tends to lose interest in things that they normally derive joy from. Such an individual also struggles to complete tasks because their energy tank feels empty always.

2. Insomnia

Insomnia is a form of sleeping disorder many depressed individuals suffer. Some may sleep away the entire day due to a lack of interest to engage in any activity and as a way of escaping from reality. Others may struggle to find sleep even when their body needs it.

3. Outburst of Emotions

A depressed individual would display unnecessary outbursts of emotions such as anger, tearfulness, sadness, etc. Such emotions can be triggered anytime by anyone or anything.

4. Changes in Appetite and Weight

When you observe that the eating routine of an individual has changed, it may be a sign of depression. Someone who usually eats moderately may begin to eat excessively and consume junk foods more than usual, leading to weight gain. Or you may notice that such an individual no longer eats as at when due and loses weight drastically.

5. Lack of Concentration/Withdrawal

People who are depressed or moving towards depression lose concentration on tasks they would normally do without stress and tend to suddenly forget things easily. A depressed individual also tends to retreat from people and stay self-isolated and secluded.

The best way to identify a depressed individual is through close observation. Also, relating with such a person involves patience and would require that you show support to gain their trust.

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